Community Organizing

Feel empowered to take action with your community on the issues you care about and bring others along with you.

When someone forms a picture of organizing in their mind, they often think about protests and picket lines. While this is the most visible form of organizing in a community, it doesn’t paint a complete picture of what organizing means. Community organizing occurs when members of a community work together in small and big ways to promote the interests of their community. We want you to feel empowered to take those actions and even lead them in your own community. That’s why we offer programs, workshops, and self-paced trainings and resources to help you do this.

Facilitated Programs

Introduction to Community Organizing

Gain introductory level knowledge on the power of community organizing through discussion and learning with expert panelists.

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Foundations of Community Organizing

This program is a dynamic training designed to help you learn how to build people power, strengthen local organizations, and to leverage the organizing framework to lead to positive outcomes for communities across the country.

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National Organizing Workshop

This program inspires and prepares members to build relational power and to ensure there is an empowered base in every community to demand changes, hold leaders accountable, and transform how power operates in their community.

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Self-Paced Virtual Courses

History & Impact of Organizing

Organizing has played a vital role in influencing history and impact. Its earliest roots can be traced back to community roles and structures during the Paleolithic era. However, history has proven the ways different forms of organizing have transformed the ways communities can demand access to their rights.

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What is the Organizing Cycle?

Community organizing is the backbone to civic change and leadership. Whether you are running for office, or an educator working with families at a school site, it is critical to understand how to build relationships and power through organizing strategies and tactics. “What is the Organizing Cycle?” provides a comprehensive look at community organizing. If you are new to collective action, this module will give you a basic understanding of the key components. 

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Digital Organizing Toolkit

This toolkit is a compilation of resources around planning and executing digital campaigns and building out digital engagement. The two courses provide basic knowledge around digital organizing principles and components, while the videos and one-pagers serve as guides to start your digital work!

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LEE Style Guide for Organizing

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