Understanding Power

These resources will help you understand the Three Sectors of Power. These three sections include the:

  • Public Sector
  • Private Sector
  • Civic Sector

Each of these sectors hold a different weight of power. As you walk through this material, you will begin to discover who holds power in your region. Within this toolkit you will also discover an Issue Action Team Training guide that will assist you in understanding the varying sources of power through a self-interest assessment.

3-Sector Power Slides

This diagram depicts the three sectors of power and the relationship between them.

LA Issue Team Training 

This resource provides a breakdown of sectors of power, power sessions objectives, power mapping, and how to take action. 

Regional Power Mapping Worksheet Guide

If you want to be effective in creating change, you have to know where the power is. This worksheet will help you map out the power in your region and how it affects a number of education policy issues. 

Strategies of Change

This handout examines four different vehicles for strategy of change such as elite negotiations, social movements, expert communities, and emergent networks, and it points out their various success factors.

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