Research Action Campaign

A research action campaign enables members to learn more about the shared issues they’ve identified in their community. Research actions consist of meeting between three-five member leaders with community leaders, policy experts, elected officials, and any other individuals who can deepen members’ understanding of a particular issue. The goal of a research action campaign is both to expand members’ knowledge and to help identify specific opportunities for public action on an issue.  

The following resources outline research action campaign components in chronological order and list who participates in each of the steps. You’ll also learn why each step matters and what the organizer would ideally accomplish if they had access to unlimited resources.

Research Action Campaign Outline

Here, you’ll discover various campaign components in chronological order, who participates in them, the reasoning for each, and what the regional directors/organizers would ideally accomplish. 

Sample Research Action Outreach Email

This sample email provides you with tips and advice on writing an effective research action outreach email.

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