Individual Relational Meeting Guides

Our individual meeting workshops at national trainings tend to be oriented toward leaders who are conducting individual meetings inside their congregations or in their broad-based organization as a supplement to their daily responsibilities. (The ideal would be that they conduct a handful of individual meetings a week.) Our trainings are geared toward preparing them to take on this change, to demystify the process, and to convince them that it is valuable and worth their time.

The resources found in this toolkit will provide these leaders with the basic principles of individual action meetings. These resources are tips that our organizers have found personally helpful in their individual meetings, some of which have been suggested by others and some used by some of LEE’s very own. 

Individual Meeting Tips

IRM’s for LEE Leaders

Discover what an Individual Relational Meeting is, its purpose, and how to generally format a meeting. 

IRM’s for Schools

With this resource, you’ll learn the reasoning for holding IRMs for schools, how a meeting can be formatted, and general tips for success. 

IRMs for Strategy Team Leaders

Learn why you should hold IRMs with LEE members and community members and how to run one of these meetings. 

Organizing Cycle

Here, you’ll find a graphic depiction of the organizing cycle leaders will enter and exit. 

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