Expand Your Network




States our members represent (plus Washington, D.C.)


Senior policy & advocacy leaders


Current or former elected officials

There is power in the LEE network. Meaningful connections with your fellow members are embedded in nearly every experience to help you grow your career and leadership by growing your network of equity-minded leaders.


Cohort-Style Trainings

Our facilitated programs, fellowships, and workshops embed you into a cohort of fellow members. By joining one of these opportunities, you won’t just be expanding your skills & knowledge, you’ll also be expanding your connections.

Trainings & Fellowships

Local Connections

Members within one of our regions are able to connect with staff and members in their area. Through in-person and virtual gathering events and workshops, you’ll be a part of your local equity community focused on making a difference where you live.

Local Events

Virtual Gatherings

Virtual gatherings at LEE are not a one-way meeting. We intentionally build opportunity for members to talk with one another and get to know each other better. From identity-based celebrations to knowledge sharing groups, this is a great way to meet members across the country.


LEE members come from equity-driven organizations.

Our members are alumni and past participants of mission-driven organizations.

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