House Meeting Resources

A house meeting is an in-person gathering of eight-twelve people, usually lasting 60-90 minutes. The purpose of these meetings is to build or deepen public relationships, establish a common vision, and generate a commitment to act together. House meetings also have the ability to advance campaigns.

These resources will help you gain a better understanding of house meetings, whom to invite, how to plan, and they’ll provide you with a general format for structuring house meetings in your regions. 

LEE Kick Off House Meeting

With this resource, you’ll discover what a house meeting is, whom should you invite, and how to run one.

House Meetings for Campaigns

This document is geared toward holding house meetings with purpose of advancing a campaign and will explain why you should hold one, whom should you invite, and how to plan and facilitate one. 

House Meetings for Schools

Here, you’ll learn the purpose of holding a house meeting for schools, whom should you invite, and how to run one.

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