Your Vote Matters: 5 Reasons Why You Should Vote in Any Election

Election Day is rapidly approaching and this time of the year always brings about feelings of uncertainty, hope, and even dread. While voter turnout was exceptionally high in the 2020 presidential election with roughly two-thirds of the eligible population exercising their right to vote (66%), there was still a staggering one-third of the population that did not participate in the election. 

To quantify the numbers, that “one-third of the population” that did not vote in the 2020 presidential election translates to a staggering 80 million people

Additionally, the country becomes less engaged during midterm elections and this behavior has been unchanged and rampant since the 1840s.

It’s unfortunate that many eligible voters are so deterred from voting. At LEE, we are strong supporters of elections, the power of one ballot, and how each vote truly counts. We want to understand the impediments for voting, help many overcome the stigma of voting to actually cast one during election season, and educate people about why voting and staying politically informed is important. 

It’s equally imperative that we advocate for ongoing community engagement and civic leadership. Election season is vital, so we encourage everyone to also stay active in their communities throughout the year because we know this yields real change.

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5 reasons why you should vote in any election

Ultimately, voting in any election gives you the opportunity to create positive change. Voting can open a plethora of doors that will pave the way for advocacy transformations that begin with one’s self. Here are five reasons why you should vote in any election:

1. Actively voting protects your voter rights.

When eligible voters exercise their right to vote, it defines the voices of a nation. Casted ballots highlight the needs of the country or the locality, how to protect those needs, any type of dissatisfaction, and more. By being involved and voting, the vote itself is shown to be intrinsic to society. If voters feel like their voices are being stunted and democracy is threatened, the voting population can use their votes to make their opinions heard.

2. Your daily life and your family’s future are impacted.

Our collective votes will always generally impact our home life, our communities, and beyond. Though we may tend to think that we are untouchable or even unaidable, that’s simply not the case. Stats show, for example, that only 36% of the eligible Latinx community voted in the last presidential election. For underserved communities like theirs, it’s more important now than ever to become involved. By voting and being civically engaged in our communities, we can make a profound difference to create permanent results.

3. One vote can decide it all.

A singular vote may not be crucial, but in reality, one vote has changed history many times. From presidential elections to House of Representative seats, every vote counts, indeed.

4. Decide on how your money is spent.

Paying for taxes is a mandatory process. Everyone has the right to voice their opinion on what should be done with that money on the local, state, and federal levels and voting is the best way to declare that.

5. Be a voice for those who cannot vote.

Ever since voting became practiced in the U.S., there have been many hurdles for minority  and disenfranchised groups in this country that have prevented them from voting fairly and freely. For example, Washington D.C., Maine, and Vermont are the only areas that allow convicted felons to vote, even while they are incarcerated. This group of disenfranchised people makes up roughly 2% of the voting-eligible population that has their potential vote withdrawn. If you are an eligible voter, not only are you voting and expressing your own opinion, but you are also lending your voice to others who cannot articulate their beliefs on their own.

Change starts with us and our voices should be heard. If you are compelled to extend your voice and your opinion with a fulfilling career in policy and advocacy and create an equitable future for all, LEE can give you a headstart on the right path. Your goals are attainable. Connect with us to learn more about how you can begin today.

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