Join LEE for our monthly LEE Connection

Broadway Pizza 2581 Broad Avenue, Memphis, TN, United States

Join LEE for our monthly LEE Connection on Thursday, May 23rd , starting at 6pm at Broadway Pizza!Join LEE for our monthly LEE Connection on Thursday, May 23rd , starting at 6pm at Broadway Pizza!This month’s connection will feature 90ONE Organizing Alliance and Memphis Lift as they engage in creative ways to build campaigns led […]

Balancing Acts: Mental Health and Civic Engagement

An event in celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month Civic leadership and engagement is a continual commitment to the progress and wellness of our communities. Yet, it’s not uncommon for our individual mental health and wellness to be neglected or challenged while taking civic action. But does it need to be this way? And how […]

End-of-Year Educator Celebration

Millers Court 2601 North Howard Street, Suite 300, Baltimore, MD, United States

Come celebrate: you deserve it!Join us for a night of fun and appreciation as we honor all the hardworking educators who have made a difference this year. This event will take place at Millers Court on Tue, Jun 04 2024 at 6:00 PM EDT.Come mingle with fellow educators from City Teaching Alliance,New Leaders and TFA. […]

LEE Organizers Community of Practice

In order to build power toward impactful change as community organizers, we need a network of leaders to connect with and learn from!Whether you’re new to organizing or a veteran, this monthly gathering will provide an opportunity to learn from successful issue campaigns, build and refresh organizing skills, and engage with fellow organizers and LEE […]

Latinx Learning Series – Political Leadership

Join us in a panel discussion together with powerful Latinx Elected Leaders.LEE members serve at all levels of elected leadership and share a lifelong commitment to the movement for educational equity. If you are interested in serving Latinx students and communities through elected office, we work to develop your leadership and provide you with ongoing […]

National Latinx Learning Series – Values Based Leadership

Join us in a conversation about the shared values of our community and how these are reflected across our country’s leaders. Currently Latinos make up 20% of the population making us the largest racial group in America. By 2050, Latinos will make up over a quarter of the population in the US. Join us in a […]