5 Benefits of LEE’s New Member Portal

Throughout our history, LEE’s mission has been clear: to support and inspire LEE members to take on the leadership to end inequitable laws and policies. We are grateful to work with equity-centered members who are regularly fighting to reshape their communities. 

Here at LEE, continuous learning and progress are integral parts of our mission and our core values. Part of that progress is the continued growth of our membership and the growth in our capabilities to support them. Recently, our Executive Director has discussed what this means, along with the importance of our online experience to our work.

LEE has always been committed to lowering barriers to civic leadership to support our members to champion equity. Today, we are rolling out a new online experience to further support our members in this work.

We have thoughtfully constructed our new member portal that will upgrade the LEE member experience and ensure our unwavering support is easy to access for every member. Benefits include:

  1. Accessing policy, advocacy, and organizing career growth supports. You will be able to seamlessly connect with a career coach, join group coaching, access our member-exclusive job board with optional application guidance, and join civic career growth training and fellowship opportunities.
  2. Amplifying your leadership goals by setting up essential one-on-one time with an experienced LEE coach on Calendly. This designated coach will run through all of the essential tools for civic engagement success through a customized plan that will determine your next steps for growth.
  3. Seeing and registering for upcoming local and national events, training, and fellowship opportunities that will expand your network to include other equity-minded peers and leaders.
  4. Customizing profiles to include your important academic and career achievements. 
  5. Adding your interests and identities will help direct your LEE membership into a more personalized experience for your LEE coaches and staff.

How do I create my new LEE account?

With the introduction of this new member portal, all LEE members must create new accounts as all former accounts are now inactive

To begin, sign up for your new member account with the same email address you used from your previous member account, or where you receive emails from LEE.

You will receive a confirmation email and instant access to your new LEE member portal. Create your new account now and continue your profound civic work today.

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