The Equity Roadmap


As a LEE member, you have seen firsthand how policies impact students and families–and you know that every community has unique needs. The Equity Roadmap provides foundational background and guidance on equity issues across communities. Use the Roadmap to identify policy issues that affect your community and questions to ask that can lead to a more equitable future for children.

Using the Roadmap

The Roadmap is divided into two areas:

  • Process
  • Policy

While policy change can impact equity, leaders must also consider the ways policy is created. We will guide you through process mindsets that will help you lead with an equity lens. Use this tool to:

  • Ground your vision for equity in knowledge of the education policy landscape
  • Assess the current state of educational equity in your local community
  • Identify questions to raise with local stakeholders and decision makers
  • Identify opportunities for action


Learn why defining and prioritizing equity as well as soliciting community engagement is important.

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Learn about the key issues affecting equity, why they matter, and how you can take action.

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