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As one of the most racially diverse states in the union, Maryland is beginning to see the kind of leadership that reflects the multifaceted background of our people. In January 2023, Wes Moore was inaugurated as the first Black governor in the state’s history and the only Black governor in the nation. Joining him is Aruna Miller, the first Asian American Lieutenant Governor and the first immigrant to hold statewide office in Maryland.

Now more than ever, equity-minded leaders have an opportunity to define themselves as uniquely suited for a call toward this equity agenda. In Maryland, we are building opportunities for LEE members like you who are called to advance equity through elected leadership, policy, and organizing pathways. We are supporting our members to lead in a way that centers the needs of those who have been historically underrepresented in leadership roles to achieve substantive wins for our communities.

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Celeste Perilla

Celeste is the Director of Regional Impact for Maryland. As a graduate of Baltimore City Public Schools, her work centers around building community capacity, emphasizing the vital role of BIPOC and women leaders to positively impact educational experiences in and around Maryland. She supports the leadership journeys of members all across the state.

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Baltimoreans for Educational Equity (BEE) is a group of teachers, former teachers, families, students, and allies who work collectively for educational equity at the district, city, and state level.

Members of BEE recognize the major inequities that affect Baltimore’s students. As we organize and act, we are inclusive of all Baltimoreans who want to build power to effect change.

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