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The Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) region of Texas represents the third-largest city in Texas, comprising more than 200 municipalities and towns, and is home to Texas’ second largest school district. In this region, we are committed to working with our members and partners to increase equity by advocating with the people who work and live here. Through skill-building opportunities, networking events, and leadership development support, we guide you towards achieving the impact you want to make in DFW through your work in policy, advocacy, community organizing, or as an elected leader.

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Sandra Godina

Sandra is the Director of Regional Impact for Dallas-Fort Worth. She works with LEE members to create a more equitable landscape for communities that are marginalized by systems of oppression. She aims to use her relationships across North Texas and background in leadership development, community organizing, and advocacy to support your leadership journey.

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Jazmyn Ferguson

Jazmyn is the Director of Organizing Strategy for Dallas-Fort Worth. She supports LEE members in creating meaningful change in their community. She is passionate about elevating the voices of students, families, and educators and lifting up leadership opportunities that will allow for greater impact in the DFW area.

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Organizing Alliance

Get Involved with Dallas CORE

This organizing alliance is a group of leaders who are passionate about equity in DFW. Grounded in truth and equity, they leverage the power of organized people in diverse communities to create lasting equitable systems.

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