Pull up a seat at the leaders' table, and join the conversation about advancing equity. 'The Leaders' Table' podcast surfaces stories from civic leaders, their personal insights on leadership, and the tools and practices that make them successful.

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1 hour and 7 minutes

Former U.S. Secretary of Education Dr. John B. King Jr. joined LEE’s final virtual forum of 2020 for a special conversation surrounding the state of the nation’s education system on the brink of political change. Featuring questions from LEE members, Dr. King offered inspiring ideas for moving forward with a new presidential administration and a vision for the future-focused on equity, technology, and leadership. Dr. King was also a guest on The Leaders’ Table earlier this year, so be sure to check out his full episode titled, Importance of Second Chances!

39 minutes

Marco A. Davis is President & CEO of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI), which was founded in 1976 by Latino Members of Congress to develop new generations of leadership. Marco is a thought leader in the areas of civic engagement, educational achievement, community advocacy, and Latinx leadership. He brings wisdom from years of spearheading leadership development for UnidosUS and serving (as Deputy Director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics and as Director of Public Engagement for the Corporation for National and Community Service) in the Obama Administration. Marco and CHCI host a leadership-focused podcast, Here to Lead.

38 minutes

From dropping out of high school in NYC, to teaching at them in Puerto Rico, to serving as U.S. Secretary of Education in 2016, Dr. John B. King speaks from a wealth of experiences and service… It’s from all of these experiences that he learned the value of second chances, student & educator support, self-care, and national leadership on the issues facing educational success. Dr. King continues the fight as CEO of The Education Trust, where he advocates for excellence and equity for all students.

46 minutes

Even before becoming the longest running, first-ever Latina domestic policy advisor for President Barack Obama, Cecilia Muñoz had dedicated decades to advocacy for the Latinx community and immigrants’ rights. At the leaders' table, Cecilia shares personal stories and professional strategies from her time in the White House, and empowering lessons from her book, More Than Ready. Cecilia continues her commitment to equity every day as the current Vice President for Public Interest Technology for New America.

38 minutes

For our milestone 20th episode, we’re excited to share The Leaders’ Table with CEO of New Day New Year and former Superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District, John Deasy. Deasy is a leader on a mission to kill the school to prison pipeline with lessons to share on keeping calm under pressure. If you’ve listened to other episodes of The Leaders’ Table, you know this episode is packed full of the good stuff!

38 minutes

This week with Kaya Henderson, we cut right to the heart of it. Our conversation with Kaya packs a punch — and not in the way you might expect if you know much about this former Chancellor of D.C. Public Schools. Kaya’s one of those rare leaders who’s willing to go there, get deep and share not only how she measures her own personal and professional success, but how her favorite mistakes have shaped her leadership. That’s authentically Kaya. Tune in for tips, tricks, insights and stories from Kaya Henderson and other education changemakers.

48 minutes

Join us for a compelling conversation with Jim Shelton, former Deputy Secretary for Education at the US Department of Education and the founding Executive Director of President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper Initiative. With a diverse background spanning various foundations and the private sector, Jim brings a wealth of experience to the table. In this episode, we explore the intricate landscape of education innovation and technology-based learning, unpacking both the barriers and benefits they entail. Jim shares invaluable leadership advice, offering insights on navigating challenges and knowing when it's time to move on.

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