Working In: Research

What does working in research entail?


Working in a research organization, you develop knowledge by collecting and/or analyzing data and evidence to communicate the state of affairs or the impact of particular policies. Research organizations often seek to produce nonpartisan findings, sometimes as a part of a government body or a nonprofit. The findings of a research organization may be used to justify policy decisions or to inform the development of new policies. To do this work, you will become an expert on your policy topic. You may develop your expertise in research methods; a deep understanding of methods of analysis and strong project management skills are helpful in such organizations.


Examples of research organizations

  • RAND Corporation 
  • American Institutes for Research 
  • Harvard University


Sample roles in a research organization


  • Writes papers for a think tank or policy analysis firm outlining new policy ideas or describing the impact of existing policies.
  • Assembles forums or other events designed to influence public opinion around a particular issues.

Hear from LEE members who work in research

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