Working In: Government Agencies

What does working at a government agency entail?


Working in a government agency, you could serve as an administrative official within a school district or an agency led or appointed by an executive (e.g. the President, a governor, or a mayor). You may work to develop, implement or evaluate policies passed by a school board, a legislature, or an executive. To be successful in your agency job, prepare to navigate complex political and legal environments surrounding the work of the agency and your team. Management skills, political skills and project management skills are highly valued, as is experience working with local stakeholders.


Examples of government agencies

  • Department of Education 
  • School District


Sample roles in a government agency

Policy Analyst

  • Collects and compiles information to inform government officials.
  • Analyzes the impact of policy decisions and makes recommendations.

Legislative Assistant/Policy Advisor

  • Represents the perspective of an elected official to constituents and other policymakers.
  • Advises and negotiates the substance of legislation and policy.
  • Generates talking points and other communications documents and strategies to advocate for a policy or piece of legislation endorsed by the elected official.

Communications Director/Press Secretary

  • Crafts the message of a non-profit or government organization.
  • Responds to media requests and issue press releases on your organization’s work.

Hear from LEE members who have worked at a government agency

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