Career Coaching

Get expert support in your policy, advocacy, or organizing career.

In career coaching, you will explore your short- and long-term plans and motivations, get feedback on your resume and cover letters, hear about job postings at organizations and government agencies sourcing LEE members, get connected with LEE members working in roles and at organizations that interest you through our digital community, prepare for interviews and practice with your coach.

Get Matched With a Career Coach

We have different types of career coaching services available to meet your individual goals and needs. Our coaches are industry experts who take the time to get to know you and your background to provide you with the guidance you need to land your first role. Fill out our coaching intake form to be matched with the ideal coaching support for you.

“[My coach] was empathetic, gave me clear directives on how to think about my skills, my angle & my strengths, and was also candid about keeping me grounded in the reality of what jobs might be a fit for me. I appreciated her activity around statements of impact to let that drive how I ‘sell’ myself and also her discussion around what my ‘contract’ is with work as a new norm. I applied what I learned in the job search, interview prep, and execution and ended up securing a position!”

Caroline Decaire-Goldin

Types of Career Coaching

Early Career Group Coaching

For members who are seeking their first role in policy, advocacy, or organizing, this cohort-style hybrid course is a mix of weekly assignments, pre-recorded video guidance, and live office hours for more tailored support.

Mid & Senior Level Coaching

Members experience 3 months of active 1:1 coaching uniquely tailored for mid- to senior-leaders seeking a new role in policy, advocacy, or organizing.

Executive Coaching

Senior policy, advocacy, or organizing leaders experience six 1:1 sessions over a 3-month period to enhance leadership and impact.

90-Day Success Coaching

If you’ve landed a new policy, advocacy, or organizing role, access support for building relationships, aligning on goals and priorities, and exploring equity leadership.

Career Onramp

This self-paced virtual course will walk you through developing your resume, cover letter, and work products to enter a new career in policy, advocacy, or organizing.

Find Your Next Role

Our member-exclusive job board contains opportunities that have been vetted by our team for our members. Career coaches will connect you to roles, support you in the application process, and prep you for the interview process.

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