Host a Public Policy Fellow

The Public Policy Fellowship (PPF) is a paid nine-month opportunity that connects mid-career LEE members with high-impact organizations pursuing educational equity through policy and advocacy. Fellowship hosts are senior leaders serving in high-impact government agencies or advocacy organizations. They demonstrate a strong organizational commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, which may include gender and ethnic diversity in organization leadership. In addition to the on-the-job learning experience provided by the host, fellows receive individualized and group leadership coaching from LEE and access to a national network of policy and advocacy leaders.

The Role of a Fellow


The host organization will determine the scope of work to be carried out by the fellow. As a host, you’ll be asked to craft a work plan that adds value to your organizational goals while developing the skills and leadership of the fellow under the management of a high-ranking staff member. Please note that, if you’d like your fellow to engage in lobbying-related activity, you will have to pay your fellow their stipend directly.

LEE’s fellowship support structures will also expand fellows’ skill sets over the course of the opportunity. Potential responsibilities include: 

  • Compiling and synthesizing research on policy ideas
  • Analyzing effective policies and making recommendations
  • Drafting memos, legislation, or other communications documents
  • Engaging in data collection and analysis
  • Conducting meetings with constituents
  • Providing strategic thought partnership

Expectations of Host Organizations


To ensure a high-quality experience for both fellows and hosts, we ask host organizations to provide each fellow with the following:

  • A defined project or set of responsibilities with clear deliverables that is substantive, meaningful, and will provide your fellow with direct experience in policy or advocacy. Fellows should spend a minimum of 70% of their time on a substantive policy- or advocacy-related project and a maximum of 30% of their time on more administrative tasks. 
  • A full-time workload for the fellow for nine months (approximately 40 hours per week).
  • Where applicable, designate adequate on-site workspace for the fellow, including a desk with the ability to securely store personal belongings and work-related technology and equipment. If your organization works virtually or in a flex-space environment, provide appropriate technology and access necessary to complete work.
  • A dedicated supervisor who can regularly meet with the fellow at least weekly and provide feedback to the fellow throughout the fellowship term.
  • Professional development opportunities that will position the fellow for post-fellowship career opportunities.
  • A cost-share of at least $55,000 per fellow, which includes the $49,500 stipend the fellow will receive and a $5,500 program fee. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the host application process?

  • Submit a host application by January 25, 2024.
    • Our team will review applications and let you know if you’ve been selected as a host by early March.
  • Confirm intent to host.
    • If selected, your organization must complete a Memorandum of Understanding with LEE Foundation by the end of April
  • Host & Fellow Matching Process
    • LEE will work to recruit fellows for your placement through a competitive application and interview process. We will select our fellow finalists by early May. 
    • In May, we will match you with one or more fellow finalists based on mutual interests, skills you identified, proposed project, location, etc.
    • You will conduct a virtual interview with each finalist and select your candidate by 06/01/24.
    • Selected candidates will be notified of final decisions in early June. 2024-25 fellows will start on September 1, 2024. 

Who are Public Policy Fellows

Fellow candidates are mid-level LEE members with previous policy and/or advocacy experience. Ideal fellows meet the following criteria:

  • 1-3 years’ experience in policy or advocacy work (graduate school e.g. Masters in Public Policy, Masters in Public Administration, Juris Doctorate, etc. qualifies as work experience)
  • Looking to pursue a mid- or senior-level role in policy or advocacy
  • Live in and have knowledge of the policy landscape in the geographic region of the host organization
  • Committed to ending educational inequity
  • Self-motivated
  • Strong analytical, communication, and interpersonal skills

Benefits & Objectives for Fellows

  • Gain exposure to senior leaders in education policy and advocacy, and connect with a nationwide network of Public Policy Fellows and alumni.
  • Earn a $5,500/month stipend.
  • Gain exposure to senior leaders in education policy and advocacy, and connect with a nationwide network of Public Policy Fellows and alumni.
  • Work with a coach to clarify long-term goals, create a plan to achieve those goals, and navigate next steps.
  • Participate in a 360-degree review designed to provide growth through feedback and self-reflection.
  • Attend a virtual orientation to meet other Public Policy Fellows and gain important skills.
  • Participate in virtual trainings facilitated by policy and advocacy experts.
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