Our 2023 Year In Review + Looking Ahead to 2024

The word of the year for 2023 is “impact”–what’s the forecast for 2024?

In our own organization, LEE has made some impactful changes so far. We welcomed a new organizational president, a brand-new website, and a more intuitive member portal. As we close out 2023, we are excited to welcome you all to see what’s in store for LEE in 2024 and most importantly, our members!

Unequivocally, our members are the heart and soul of our organization. Throughout the years, we have witnessed our members make incredible civic differences in their communities for equity, and the impact from their leadership and advocacy has been far-reaching and remarkable. 

The proof is in our members’ commitment to certifying that progress is made, along with our commitment to providing them exceptional programs, coaches, and workshops to enhance their skills for success. Below are just some of the ways LEE members took advantage of their membership so far this year in order to impact their communities.

  • Nearly 2,800 equity-driven leaders joined LEE this year bringing us to over 53K members from 12 partners.
  • Over 570 members chose equity by entering or advancing their policy or advocacy career with the support of our coaching-related resources. Over 320 (56%) of those members were able to secure new policy or advocacy roles after going through coaching.
  • Over 115 members ran for elected office with over 67% of them winning their seat. For women of color LEE members, over 72% who ran for office won.
  • Over 1,200 members participated in LEE programs, workshops, and events to advance their civic leadership skills, knowledge, and careers to work better with their communities.

2023 Stories of Impact

As we march into a presidential election year in 2024, we are walking confidently in arms with our members with our sights still set on increasing civic leadership and equity across the country using policy, advocacy, organizing, and elected office positions. Here are some of the most notable LEE stories in 2023:

By making the conscious decision to choose progress and change, these stories are a testament of our members’ commitment to moving forward despite any adversity they may come across in their path.

How You Can Make a Difference in 2024

The end of the year usually sparks the desire to serve and give back. In your community today, a myriad of leadership opportunities are awaiting you that need your help. Here are some ways to set your civic leadership in motion:

1. Be neighborly.

The best place to start with outreach is right at home. Getting to know your neighbors is a great gesture of warmth and adding actions to that takes it to another level. Offering to assist them with their daily tasks like getting their mail, mowing their lawn, or making them a good meal fosters positivity and empathy. Understanding what people need and actually meeting their needs is a skill that will help you serve bigger areas.

2. Give your time.

Research what issues or causes have been getting the most movement and recognition in your area. Attending school board, town council, and civic meetings or events, volunteering at local shelters, or spearheading organizing efforts for a specific cause are some of the top ways to start making a difference in your community. 

3. Donate money.

Beyond your local area, investing your time in causes and individuals who are making headway in their leadership is another great way to be intentional and impactful. Donating money can catapult campaigns and organizations, and will help them continue to develop more meaningful programs and make pioneering decisions for their communities.

4. Educate yourself.

Constantly learning is what connects us to growth. When you start to find the causes that you align with, understanding the current status of your cause and the potential roadmaps that people are using to help eliminate or better it can also help you seek out innovative ways to make a positive mark within your advocacy.

5. Connect with LEE.

LEE is ready to support your leadership skill development. We provide our members with top-tier resources, programs, and workshops for their policy, advocacy, and organizing career aspirations. As you start to carve out your journey with civic leadership and being a changemaker, LEE coaches are ready to dive in with you and keep you on track to achieving your goals.

The sky is certainly the limit when it comes to your ambitions and it is refreshing to know that we can achieve anything as long as we put in the effort. If you’re starting your fulfilling voyage into leadership action today, you’ve already made a difference by taking that first step. Continue your efforts, gather the right network and resources; and the impact will become more far-reaching each day. 

End 2023 with your sights set on your new word: beginnings. 

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