LEE Executive Director Michael Buman welcomes members to new site

Since its inception, LEE’s mission has been uniquely focused on the civic leadership of LEE members - your leadership. Throughout the years, our staff has helped a diverse group of members transition into policy and advocacy careers, organize with their communities, developed members’ civic action and leadership skills, and supported members running for elected office. We are inspired by the impact this work has had on communities. And we know that we need to continue to grow our membership and the support we provide members to achieve equity in their communities and across the country. 

Today, that support becomes more accessible with our new website: WeAreLEE.org. With this site, we are making the resources and tools to achieve the advocacy, policy, organizing, and elected roles LEE members seek more attainable. As always, we will learn from the work of LEE members, and the ways you utilize LEE in your leadership journey, to further develop the experiences, resources, and supports available here to help you affect the change your community deserves.

Join us at WeAreLEE.org today by creating a new member account and exploring our new online experience. I hope it is more intuitive and easier to find the great opportunities we offer for leadership development and connect with our team for support. I recommend taking a look at our great career coaching opportunities, exploring our online learning, and seeing if an upcoming in-person or virtual event is right for you. 

Your leadership is needed in your community today. We look forward to supporting and connecting you with a growing network of equity-driven leaders working for change across the country. 

If you have any thoughts on the new website or ways we can grow our support of LEE members, I would love to hear from you. You can reach me by email here.

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