Advance Equity Locally

Lead with others in your community.


Are there things in your community you feel need to change? Whether you’re currently working in policy, organizing grassroots movements, advocating important causes, or simply care enough to take action, your unique skills, passions, and perspectives are invaluable assets in shaping the future of your community. 

Local leadership offers a unique opportunity to influence policies and laws, to be a voice for change in the community, and to support progress for everyone by joining forces with other leaders as part of a council, unit, or board.

Types of Local Leadership


Community Councils

As part of these, you have immense influence to ensure the voices of everyone in the community are taken into account when government officials are making decisions. Local community members express concerns and provide input in developing solutions to problems your community or schools are uniquely facing.

City or Municipal Seats

The things that directly impact your city, county, or municipality are influenced and controlled by the people who sit in local government seats. As part of your local government, you will work with others to make changes to the things you care about most in your community – from public services, to emergency response, to public works and more.

School Boards

These positions hold extreme influence and power over things that affect students, teachers, and staff. School board members are responsible for collectively developing annual budgets, setting school policies, and hiring and evaluating superintendents. Equitable representation ensures the voices of many are included. 

How to Get Involved

LEE is ready to guide and support you in exploring your local elected leadership opportunities, so that you can join with other leaders in your area to make a greater, long-lasting impact. There is often minimum effort required to filing interest, if any. They can include things like:

  • Attending meetings
  • Obtaining signatures
  • Filing fees

However, each opportunity is different. Our team is ready to guide you to explore them and, once you decide which one you want to go after, the right next steps.

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